Our guiding principle is a seamless connectivity between the Island and DT.  The Express Bus will try to adhere to posted schedules, however we will be bounded by ferry departures in the morning and vehicle congestion in the afternoon (mostly caused by single vehicle commuters).

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We pick up passengers from the North side of the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. We meet the 6:20, 7:30, and 8:35 sailings and take people downtown to points along Georgia Street (stops are at Burrard, Granville, Richards & Cambie).


We pick up passengers from the north (west bound) side of Georgia Street at Richards, Granville, and Burrard. In all three cases we are at the NE corner. Departures at 3:45, 4:55, & 6:05 (traffic willing) to connect with water taxis and the BC Ferries afternoon runs to Bowen.

The water taxi runs are timed to meet the bus upon arrival in Horseshoe Bay, that way we ensure the fastest commute. Therefor the timing isn't exact, but approximately 4:20, 5:40, and 6:50 from HSB.

BTS riders will get  priority for boat reservation.

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